John Rogers

Lissom & Muster

Manchester, England


It started with curation but developed into production, John Rogers store Lissom and Muster sources and now creates clothing with an understated contemporary aesthetic.

A few steps down off Tib Lane and you are in the world of Lissom and Muster. A beautifully laid out store full of products carefully chosen by the owner John Rogers.

A former social scientist and educationalist turned retailer, John believes in designing and sourcing skilfully made products fit for their purpose. This belief takes him all over the country seeking out the mills, factories and practicing makers who create these timeless items. This search is not only to ensure his store holds the finest pieces but also to fully understand the materials, processes and possibilities for their production. This allows him to let his customers know the quality and story behind each piece and ensures L&M houses some of the best made pieces of clothing, footwear, accessories, print and home wares these islands have to offer.

One such collaboration with Cherchbi has seen a collection of beautifully crafted bags, leather goods and accessories produced, featuring wool cloth from Cumbrian Herdwick sheep; leather tanned in Derbyshire; Cheshire brassware and a waterproof bonded cotton made in Oldham. It’s these types of close collaborations that mean L&M can offer exclusive items with outstanding qualities.

Attention to detail is clear throughout the L&M experience, even the swing tags are uniquely produced with paper made in a mill in Cumbria; letter-pressed in Manchester; tied with twine made in Bolton and riveted and embossed in house. John says “We think it’s important to follow the ethos through in everything we do – it seems a shame to dilute a locally made product that we’ve put so much effort into, with a swing tag or packaging made on the other side of the world by people I’ll never meet.”

It is this attention to detail combined with over four years of hard work that have helped to make this store what it is today. And it is easy to see why once people have found it, they keep coming back time and time again.

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