Summer Jam

Aug 2019

The place was full, smiles were worn all around, the full age spectrum was represented. The weather had forced the event inside but it certainly hasn’t dampened the spirits.

We were there educating potential crowdfunders about their imminent emotional rollercoaster and talking through our two crowdfunded books. Offing our ten top tips for Kickstarting anything.

As we walked around, kids were learning to DJ, to juggle and play the yukelale. The Dhal station had queues backing up, bikes where being mended, plants being arranged and books where being created.

The event was focussed around DIY and everyone was getting stuck in. Initially we were right next to the stool building space and the pasta making stand but later we moved to be next to an area teaching circus skills to children. Around lunchtime the She Choir got everyone singing and the place paused and listened.

This summer jam was a festival like no other, it was a place to learn, to play, and to create. The old bank dusted off its corporate past and embraced the DIY focus to become a space for fun and experimentation.

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