The Hogget Project

Jun 2020

This weeks theme was on the power of collaboration and we were excited to chat with Mary-Ellen McTague, Paul Jones and Joesph Otway about how a group of local businesses came together to help feed Manchester through lockdown.

Check out the awesome businesses that made it happen here;

Eat Well Manchester

Higher Ground

Jane’ Farm

Organic North

Cloudwater Brewery



What is Business Brunch

We are lucky enough to share a space in the Old bank Residency in Manchester. A civic space that would usually be bustling with a wide variety of interesting people and groups, but with lockdown they have moved online to offer a unique weekly programme of talks, classes and workshops. Their focus has been on around contact not content.

As part of the Old Bank Residency’s activities we are hosting The With Love Business Brunch, where we invites people and brands we love to have an hours conversation around different themes.

Let's Collaborate

If you’d like to hire us for a project or have an idea, big or small, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email



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