Paul Robinshaw

Flour, Water, Salt

Macclesfield, Engalnd

Food & Drink

Previously sat a computer producing code for a living, Paul now fronts a successful bakery in Macclesfield producing artisan loaves and a wide variety of other tasty treats.

The smell of bread is enough to put a smile on the face of most people. But that smell combined with the view of a 1979 Citroen delivery van and a row of perfectly formed sour dough loaves, brought about a grin from ear to ear.

Proud to be named after the ingredients they use, ‘Flour Water Salt’ is a bakery born out of a love and satisfaction for hand made bread. This love came about one day at a bread making course where Paul Robinshaw, A former high level IT specialist, baked his first batch of loaves. Although, in his words “the first loaves were all over the place” the satisfaction of having something he’d produced was immediate. He was hooked and set about learning as much as he could about artisan baking.

The first loaves were baked from his home oven, but word got out about these hand made loaves, using only the best organic ingredients and the business grew from strength to strength. Paul left IT and focused on the baking and is now situated in Macclesfield with a small family run team producing bread slowly, the way it should be without any additives or improvers. Each loaf taking a full day to produce, resulting in delicious bread that has more and more people in the North queuing up to sample.

Moving from a fast paced, high paid life in IT, to an artisan baker was a brave move to make, but one that has paid off completely. Speaking with Paul it is obvious to see he loves what he does and people love the bread – ‘flour, water, salt’ produce. There is a great selection of breads now, all baked with the same care and attention, but for us the sourdough is king. In a world where life is speeding up and technology is taking over, there is something wonderful about the perfect simplicity of this slowly prepared loaf with only three ingredients ‘flour, water, salt’ that makes sourdough so special.

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