Simon Day

Nocturne Workshop

London, England


The ability to transform a space with light is something Simon has perfected over the years, he creates pieces that combine function with industrial beauty and hand makes each piece in his London workshop.

The light was bursting out from the workshop, illuminating the dark courtyard directly in front of us. The shutter was up and Simon Day from Nocturne workshop was busy working on a lamp shade before he glanced up and welcomed us in.

“I always make sure the design is informed by it’s function”

Modernist, bespoke handmade lighting is what Simon produces at Nocturne as well as equally individual handmade furniture. His work takes influence from the past seeing some of the deco inspired pieces, but he clearly has one eye on the future looking at one of his latest pieces. A dynamic angular metal light, suspended form the ceiling lit with LED strips. He said “I’ve always loved the way lights can transform spaces”. And the lamps in his workshop do that beautifully. One at a time though, as quite innocently Simon only had one light bulb in the whole workshop.

It was in college where he was introduced to welding using a 1950’s oil filled Oxford Welder, saying “it was pretty brutal welding but gave me a new love for working with steel”. This steel and metal work can be seen throughout Simon’s work. There is an honesty in his design, pieces that are made well and that are made to last. Stripped back design with industrial detailing. “I always make sure the design is informed by it’s function” he said.

From college he started work restoring lighting and furniture. Learning a lot of through Victorian workshop manuals, understanding the techniques and equipment used when these pieces were originally produced. He said “This gave me the chance to take things apart and put them back together again, giving me a great understanding of how things worked. It also allowed me to have physical relationship with pieces that would usually just sit in peoples homes or placed in museums.”

Simon started producing lamps after work and in 2011 Nocturne was born. He knows to establish himself as a world renowned lighting designer will take years but is happy producing bespoke creations, perfecting his craft and constantly taking influence from the world around him. Illuminating spaces and transforming rooms with his own unique eye for detail and creative flair.

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